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How to Restore Factory Settings On Your Apple Watch

Restore factory settings on your apple watch

How to Restore Factory Settings On Your Apple Watch

There are many reasons why you may want to restore factory settings on your Apple Watch. Regardless of whether it’s being sold, solving the problem, or simply wanting to update your device and free up some internal memories, it’s always the same process to restore it.

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Apple has done this a fairly simple way to reset your wristwatch and start over again. We have written this guide through accurate steps to tell you about it, and you value it in any issue.

Be careful, though, if you follow the instructions below, you will delete all the data in your watch. Apple will make your Watch duplicate before it can be restored, but you can do it manually, so be sure.

Moreover, if you have Apple Watch 3 with LTE and the attached data plan below, following the steps below will disconnect the attached data plan and if you want to connect it, you must do so through your network provider.

How to reset your Apple Watch on your iPhone?

This is the most effective and safest way to turn off and restore factory settings on your Apple Watch. If you’ve got an iPhone you’ve paired together, you will need the watch nearby.

Dive into your phone’s Watch app and you will see your watch with your name on it and click on it. Then you will see the bottom list of an orange “i” with an icon.

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Here you will see another menu, with some other parameters and under the bright red “Unpair Apple Watch”, and that’s what you want to get out of here.

Then you are awaiting a warning that tells you that you will lose all your data if you go with it and if you do the bottom screen below the “Unpair Apple Watch”.

Then you will get prompt, asking for your Apple ID, so you can continue

From here, your Apple Watch and iPhone will start off and it can take up to 10 minutes or depend on how much you have on your watch.

We find that it does not always take so long, so keep an eye on the watch and keep it in the process throughout your phone. You probably have time here to get out and make a cup of tea or do some things.

When you return, Apple Watch has erased all its data and your phone will also turn off. Now you will be able to re-install Apple Watch again or with your new account, or you can sell it / give it what you want.

Sometimes you will find that Watch has not been fully restored even though it is turned off on your phone, and if so, you will want to follow the instructions below.

How to remove your Apple Watch data

To do that, you’d like to manage your Apple Watch’s Settings app, which is a grey icon.

Here you are heading General> Reset and then delete all content and settings. If you have Apple Watch with a mobile plan you will be able to have it connected to or disconnected from your plan.

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If you then click “Delete”, delete all the data and it will erase your Apple Watch to factory settings. Now you’re ready to install or transmit your Apple Watch to another without worrying about what they see on your watch.

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