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How to pair and configure Apple Watch

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How to pair and configure Apple Watch

If you just bought a new gadget (Apple watch), the first thing you want to do is rubbing out the packaging and try it right away. That is why we have put together this handy guide for when you are setting up your Apple Watch for the first time.

Below we will talk about the whole process of setting the smartwatch and how to start using it. It’s relatively simple, but there are some things you should know during the process, but we’ll talk to you to make a perfect experience.

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This guide will tell you how to set up Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch 3, as it is almost the same process for all three devices.

Before you set up Apple Watch

Resist the temptation to put it right away. Before you strip your Apple Watch around your wrist, flip over and place two small cuts near the straps.

These are the group release buttons, press and hold one, and slide the sidebar to remove it. Check out the Watch package and you will find another set (you get a big and a small one). Try both and see what’s best for you.

Now put your watch on a flat surface; this makes auto syncing with your iPhone easier (try to avoid manual pairing if possible).

Press the side button (in the form of a pill) to turn on Watch and tap Start Pairing on Watch and on Apple Watch on your phone. If it does not appear, you may be asked to use your back camera to take a picture of an animation on the Viewer’s screen

During configuration, you will be asked to specify which hand you will wear Watch on. This does not affect the orientation of the viewing screen randomly, which is set separately. Combined, these choices show the Watch direction of movement that should cause its screen to light up when you lift your wrist.

Do not worry if you are not sure because all of these settings can be adjusted later by the iPhone app.

For security in case, your watch has been stolen, set a passcode during the initial setup process. Watch uses the sensors on the back to determine when you have received it, after which the code must be inserted to use it.

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You will be asked if you want Watch to unlock when you unlock your iPhone (as long as you keep Watch).

The default code is four-digit long, but the “Add a long passcode” tapping allows you to enter a 10 digit number. This is far more difficult to bypass, but use only if you are really aware of security.

Additional protection

You can also enable the deletion data set that was made in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone after the initial setup (see My Watch> Passcode). When this is enabled, View and delete its contents after 10 passphrase entries of the passcode.

Back to the configuration: When asked to install all of the View apps that are included with your iPhone apps, we think it’s wiser to install them later to speed up the setup process. In addition, installing any available application can make the Surveillance Screen too busy.

If you are creating an Apple Watch with LTE, this will be where you are asked to enter the details for your carrier. Will appear within the Watch app on your phone and if you want to skip here and later in the app that also works.

Finally, Apple Watch syncs with your iPhone and you can use it as soon as it’s finished (takes a few minutes). Strap on Watch, tap the screen and enter your passcode. Now when you lift your hand, the screen will be born.

Set the basic screen

In the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go down to find two sets of apps. The first contains Apple apps, while the lowest block is where you will find apps from other developers.

Third Party Apps applications are linked to their iPhone application. Tap a third-party app in the list and turn on Show On Apple Watch to install it on Watch.

Some apps also provide views that provide quick access to key features when slipping a finger at the end of your face). You can activate up to 20 of them.

Apps are reorganized (and third-party downloaded) directly from the main view screen. Tap and hold an application icon until all the icons begin to shake. Tap and hold an application icon to capture it and move it to a new position.

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To delete a third-party app (shown with a cross in the upper left), tap the icon on them and select Delete application.

It’s much easier to organize apps in the iPhone app. Tap App Layout and drag the application icons to reorganize them; the layout in your Watch refreshes a moment later. Tap on My Watch at the top left when you’re done.

Which settings do you want to change right away?

Apple Watch is a much more complex creature than you can imagine, with countless possibilities scattered across several areas.

The first thing we need to know is that there are two places to configure the settings. On the Home screen, you’ll find a Settings app that contains the default settings.

The Apple Watch app on your
iPhone offers a lot when you click My Watch, making it the best place to start.

Reduction of interruption

Many notifications will be received by Apple Watch quickly. You can cool things down by clicking Notifications to view the settings for each app. They may offer different settings, but most have two options: Mirror my iPhone and Default.

If you select Back, the phone options are summarised below; to adjust them, go to Settings> Notifications on your iPhone.

Customize notifications

Click Custom to choose the app notification behaviour on your watch. There are three options available: Show Alerts determines whether visual notifications appear on the screen or not, and the voice key controls the prompts, and Haptic decides whether the clock gives you a then click on the wrist.

Some apps have more complex notifications. For example, the activity displays separate controls for pregnant reminders (so you can turn off your watch to let you know about standing and moving) as well as daily progress updates, daily goals, long-term achievements and a weekly summary.

Get rid of the red dot

If you miss a notification, a red dot appears at the top of the clock face. Turn off the notification shade if you find it annoying.

Increase your privacy

Although the small screen in Watch makes it somewhat private, you may want to hide the content of the alerts. You can turn on the Privacy Alert feature and only show you the type of alert and the person you belong to, and you’ll see full details only if you click Alert

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Check for updates

An important feature of the Apple Watch app that is not on the device itself is the software update. Go to General> Software Update The application will check if a new version of Watch OS is available and enable you to install it.

You will need your watch to charge and you will get at least 50% of the battery power. The latest version is currently a version of WatchOS 4, which you will be able to download on all versions of Apple Watch.

Automatic update applications

To remember to install new apps, click General> Automatic downloads and download apps automatically.

Now when you install the iPhone app with the Apple Watch component, it will automatically appear on the Home Clock screen.

Check usage

Apple Watch may only watch 8 GB of storage (some of which has 16 GB), which may fill up quickly because only 5.9 GB is available to you. You can find out what space is taking up in general> use.

Fast forward time

If you want to adjust the clock a little earlier, press Settings on the Apple Watch the main screen and choose Time. Click where you point to “+0 minutes” and rotate the digital crown to select the time you want to set the time, and then click Set.

This only affects the clock face. Real-time is displayed elsewhere.

Peek settings

Swipe up from the bottom of the clock background to open “Looks” and swipe right to the far left: Look at the settings.

Contains shortcuts that switch on Aeroplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, and Silent mode with just one click.

Find your iPhone

The large button at the bottom of the settings is used to tell your iPhone to emit a loud noise (remember a submarine radar). This is ideal for locating your iPhone when you place it nearby and you can not remember its exact location.

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