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Apps To Use On Saving Money For Trips

Have you seen yourself checking out flight routes lately? Is it possible that you have caught the travel bug? If you are all ready for an epic travel adventure but are unsure because of your funds, no worries because we are here to save your day. While you may be tempted to splurge all your savings on flight booking, consider these apps first so that you get the vacation you deserve.


Ibotta is a free app. A free app that helps you saves money. A lot of money. But aside from this, what makes it more convincing to use is it offers the consumers to earn cash back on whatever purchase they make. By just using a smartphone you can get amazing cash backs on variety of things from groceries to clothes and restaurants. With Ibotta you can be sure to get a chunk of your money back without cutting back on your essentials.

Travelstart Nigeria

A brick and mortar travel agency is such an old concept. Say hello to Travelstart Nigeria, an online app specializing in everything from flight booking to incredible hotels and car rentals. They have got everything covered. You just have to choose and customize according to our budget and your dream holiday will be made a reality. You can save a good amount of money when you get everything at one place and that too with the lowest rates guaranteed. With travel start not only do you get a custom made vacation plan right on your smartphone but also extreme peace of mind. How cool is that?

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Vist their official site here: www.travelstart.com.ng


This is what we call a master app. Acorns is a clever desktop based app that monitors your bank account and invests small changes from anything you purchase.. These spare changes are micro invested in smart portfolios resulting in safe and secure savings. Plus point? It’s free for college kids for four years while charging $1 a month for taxable investment income accounts. Try Acorns today and see your earnings magnified in front of your eyes.


Budgeting is extremely important when you are saving money for travel and a fresh app for checking your expenditures is Mint. There are two magnificent ways in which the app works. First it will help you add items which you use daily and will tell you where you are spending too much money. You can easily identify the areas where there is potential to cut back and save some. But the app doesn’t stop here. It will also help you to set a daily budget and help you stick to it. Pretty cool eh?


Below is an infographic on how to save for trips

Dalai Lama has said. “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before,” It is a sound advice but to travel without planning is a recipe for disaster. So why worry when these apps can help you not only in saving and growing money but also in travel decisions like flight booking and hotels finding. Try them today and get ready for a magnanimous change in your life.

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