Special Kids Fair Guest: Dark Knight of Victoria

Dave Nemeth, aka The Dark Knight of Victoria, is a Victoria BC based Batman cosplayer who started entertaining kids, and adults alike, back in 2010. Over the years his passion has spread to include the design and creation of costume pieces, using Eva, Latex rubber and different spandex. He uses self-taught techniques to create molds and casts of various costume pieces that are both imaginative and unique.

Dave also is involved in a number of volunteer, charity and community events throughout Vancouver Island. He is well known for his work at local hospitals, libraries, Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders and many other charity groups.

Dave will be hanging out during the Kid’s fair helping raise funds for YANA Comox Valley, a charity that helps fund families who have to travel for their children’s treatments. He will be bringing his very own button maker and letting the kids make their very own buttons! He will also be running a Batman Trivia game after the opening ceremonies on Friday for any families planning to attend the Friday fun!

Don’t miss your chance to meet him!

Visit his webpage at: http://www.tdkvictoria.com  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The.Dark.Knight.of.Victoria
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.dark.knight.of.victoria/

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