Please fill out the volunteer application at the bottom of the page after reading the following information:

Thanks for considering being a volunteer for InCON.  We are very excited about providing the Comox Valley with a convention that offers a variety of ‘geeky’ things to experience.  And we’re looking for volunteers who will share that passion and excitement, too.  As a ‘thank you’, volunteers receive a single day pass that they can use during the hours they are NOT volunteering, for each volunteer shift that they do.  This pass is NOT transferable.

General Expectations
  • Even though the convention will be a whole pile of fun, we still take it very seriously.  Volunteers will be representing InCON and must conduct themselves accordingly, whether they are working prior to, during, or after the event.
  • Volunteers will be expected to commit to their shifts lasting a minimum of 4 – 6 hours for EACH day of the convention.
  • Each volunteer section will have its own orientation prior to the convention, all volunteers must attend their relevant orientations.  In addition, there will be a Safety and Security briefing that all volunteers must attend.
  • All volunteers working on-site the at the convention must also participate in the building orientation.
  • Volunteers should familiarize themselves with the convention schedule, particularly in their area but not limited to that.
  • Volunteers will be expected to assist convention attendees, sponsors, artists, vendors, guests, etc. or if unable to assist them directly, be able to get someone who CAN.
 Volunteer Positions

The Production Team and Organizing Committee have been busy planning the con, here are specific Volunteer Job Descriptions that will be required.

The Following Areas still require Volunteers:

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Note: Minimum age for volunteers is 16 years

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Volunteer Area preference

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Set-up and Tear-down
Board Games
Game Demos
Cospitality Lounge
Area Runner
Kids’ Fair
Cosplay Contest
Console Gaming
Panels / Info Sessions

Please Tell Us about Your Volunteer Experience (none-required)

Please note, choosing any of the above does NOT guarantee you a spot in your chosen area.

Do you have any 'issues' that may exclude you from volunteering in a certain area? Eg. If you have a physical limitations and cannot help lifting items. YesNo (This is to insure we find the best area that suits you)
Please explain your issue below so that we can work with you to find an appropriate volunteer position for you.

Availability during InCON: Please check all that apply.
IMPORTANT we require volunteers to be available for the entire day selected. Eg. If you choose Friday you must be available for the full day, from beginning to end. Shifts will typically be between 4 - 6 hours.
NOTE that you will have a free pass only for the day(s) that you volunteer for - unless you have volunteered prior to the convention.

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If yes, what did you do?

Do you have experience that may apply to your chosen areas of interest? Please detail your experience below, including work or volunteer.

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Tick if you would like a General Volunteer Certificate(This will not provide details of volunteering, but just a general info for you to have for a work or personal portfolio)
Please Note: Attendance of volunteers will be taken - only those who complete their volunteer commitment will be eligible to receive either of the 2 above confirmation documents.

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NOTE: You will receive an email promptly after sending the form, if you do NOT, please email Ryan at volunteer4incon@gmail.com . An undetermined glitch occurs with no congruent reason and we want to be sure your form is making it through, and if not, communication is happening.
Thank you!