Ingress Event at InCON

We have a bunch of fun, interactive and free games that you can take part in at InCON and we are VERY excited for them, especially that Ingress is coming to InCON!



Ingress, an augmented reality game from Niantic Labs, is coming to InCON. A team of Agents from the Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association (VIIPA) will be on site to introduce you to the world’s friendliest Turf War. This global battle for dominance between two teams is happening right now all around you! The world is not as it seems. Are you interested in adventure, exploration and teamwork? Ingress is a unique MMO where you are your Avatar, and the game board is the real world. Connect portals into fields for your chosen team and help them win! Defend against the opponents actions! Take part in challenges occurring worldwide, and make an impact on the storyline as it unfolds.

Ingress is like nothing you’ve experienced!

Meet Ingress Team members, check out their panel on Sunday morning and take part in the live MMO, right in Courtenay!

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