Cosplay Contest Registration

Cosplay Contest

 April 22, Saturday

Organized by North Pacific Cosplay

If you love costumes, prizes, and fun, then InCON’s costume contest is just waiting for you!

We encourage costumers of all skill levels and ages to engage in friendly competition and bring their favorite characters and designs to life in front of an audience.

The cosplay contest now includes skits!

General Information

  • Open to all skill levels, ages and abilities
  • Contestants must show their costumes onstage in a walk-on format with one minute to do three poses and showcase your costume, in front of convention participants on the main stage
  • Judging is based on accuracy, creativity and craftsmanship and is done prior to the walk-on portion of the contest in a private setting
  • Skits will have five minutes in length for performance.
  • Skits can be prerecorded or performed live (microphones are available if required)
  • For skits and walk-ons, if you have music or a prerecording please include it in your submission. (Please bring a back-up copy, just in case.)
  • No liquids or messy substances allowed on stage, also no throwing weapons or objects toward the audience.
  • If there is a choreographed fight scene please let us know ahead of time.
  • Respect everyone around you, be creative, and have fun!

For information about prizes and our judges, please scroll to the bottom of the page

Children’s Costume Exhibition

We want to encourage geeks of all ages to fall in love with being creative and to show off what characters they love. At 1pm the children costume exhibition will precede the cosplay contest.

Up to 12 years of age. No online submission required. Just show up in costume and prepare to have some fun! We will have about 10 spots available for the children who wish to participate and will do our best to accommodate if we get more children who are interested in joining the fun.
Please gather at the main stage area
shortly before 1pm where our coordinators will line you up and explain to you how it works. Most importantly, is to have fun!

  • Costumes in this class are NOT required to be hand-made, or made by the child
  • All entrants will receive an award recognizing their costumes and their courage for going up on stage.


Closet Cosplay

This is a fun category for those who have put together their costume from items in their home or from thrift stores. Dressing up is for fun and has every variety of levels and closet cosplays can be just as creative as any other category. This category you don’t need to worry about your sewing or armor molding abilities but your pure love and passion for dressing up.

Note: If any part of the costume was handmade then you would be bumped up to Novice.

Prize: TBA


This category is for those who wish to cosplay a group of 2 or more characters as a unit to be judged together.

Prize: TBA


  • For ‘newcomers’ who are just beginning to hone their costuming skills OR for those who have yet to try their hand in costume competition
  • Judging in this class is more relaxed concerning the purchase and modification of bought or found items, and will reward ingenuity and effort where contestants might be lacking in experience

The following are prohibited from entering the Novice class:

  • Professional costumers
  • A contestant who has competed & won in any division other than Novice in a previous costume competition
  • A contestant who has won “Best in Show’ or “Best Novice” in a previous costume competition

Please note that:

  • A contestant who has won numerous major awards in the Novice division in costume competitions is strongly encouraged (and may be bumped up) to enter in the Journeyman division.

If you have never entered a costume contest before but feel your skills and experience may be more advanced than the Novice class please feel free to enter a higher category but please mention this in your entry, and remember that once you have been registered for a class you can’t request to be changed.  Additionally, if the judges feel that your skill or experience may be more advanced than the Novice class you may be moved to a higher class.

Prize: TBA


  • Most popular and varied class
  • Those who have previously won prizes in Novice will be in this group
  • Open to those who have spent multiple years costuming and no longer qualify for Novice

The following are prohibited from entering the Journeyman class:

  • Professional costumers
  • A contestant who has competed and won in the Master class in a previous costume competition
  • A contestant who has won “Best in Show” or “Best Journeyman” or who has won more than 3 major awards under the Journeyman class

If you have never won at the Journeyman level but feel your skills and experience may be more advanced than the Journeyman class you are free to apply for the Masters category, but please make us aware of this in your application.

Prize: TBA


  • For skilled and experienced costumers who have won multiple awards in the competitive costuming circuit OR who have mastered their skills and have a firm understanding of costume creation
  • No part of your costume should have been purchased or commissioned – or you will be penalized
  • Costumers MUST take pictures of how your costume has been made to provide proof of authenticity.  These must be brought in a portfolio the day of the contest
  • Any item that has been purchased for your costume must be heavily customized – you must inform the judges of this as it will be reflected on your final mark
  • Anyone may enter the Masters class, but we suggest that costumers have won or ranked at least three times in previous costume competitions to enter this class.
  • Contestants who do not meet the Masters class requirements may be asked to compete in a lower class

Prize: TBA

Our Judges

Introducing Our Judges: TBA

InCon is proud to be offering exciting costume contest prizes in each category of the competition. We believe in rewarding costumers for their effort with prizes, from best in class to judge’s choice!

How to Enter the Costume Contest

  • Your application can be submitted via the application form, once you have determined which class you will enter.  
  • Online submissions close April 14th at midnight. There will be a capacity of 30 contestants.
  • If we haven’t reached capacity, have cancellations, and no-shows we will have additional sign-ups on location.
  • Each contestant (or group) upon filling out their submission will choose a judging time slot. We will try our best to accommodate you.
  • Time slots will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • Costume Contest participants must purchase a pass for the convention.  Please be aware if you wish to purchase pass add-ons for tournaments that they should not be during the time you must be available for the Costume Contest.  
  • Review the general information, FAQ’s and the information about the different ‘classes.  Feel free to email should you have any questions prior to completing your application.
  • Group entries must be submitted by a designated leader, as a single entry.
  • All entrants will receive a confirmation of their application submission.  If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please contact and provide us with your name and the date you submitted your application.
  • Please be aware that you may be asked or advised to change ‘classes’ by the judges should they feel that a different class would be more appropriate.
  • Anyone performing in a skit may also get their costume judged during the pre-judging time. Your skit will be the presentation of your costume to the audience. Please let us know in your submission if you’d like your costume judged and please also pick your preferred prejudging time.
  • Ready…  Set…  Start making that costume or planning that skit!

What to Expect on Convention Day

  • Upon arrival at the convention, and receiving your pass at the Filberg Centre main registration desk, proceed to the Costume Contest table inside the convention room of Upper Florence Filberg.
  • Pre-judging times will be between 10am to 12pm April 22nd and is mandatory.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time slot to allow for smooth transitions. Contestants who do not attend the pre-judging may lose their spot to someone who is waiting.
  • Judges will be interviewing each contestant individually.  This is when you brag about the work you did on your costume!  Please remember to bring your portfolio if you are in a class that requires it.
  • After this, feel free to enjoy the convention until the Costume Contest begins at 1pm.  Please return 15 to 20 minutes before the contest begins to the curtained area next to the Stage in order to line up for the ‘show’.
  • The Cosplay Contest runs from 1pm to 3pm. Please keep this in mind when you are requesting your judging times.
  • There will be stage access for those who wish to run through their skit or walk-on routine from 12pm to 12:50pm
  • Each group or person will have about 5 minutes to practice on stage, depending on the queue.
  • Our MC for this event will be introducing each contestant.  When it’s your turn to go up on stage, we encourage you to get into your character and ham it up!  All contestants who have appeared on-stage are asked to sit down in the designated area in the audience until the winner is announced.
  • From 3pm to 3:15pm the judges will deliberate then at 3:15 the Awards Ceremony will begin.
  • The Judges will present all prizes at the Awards Ceremony.  All contestants are expected to stay for this, to receive special prizes and show support to your fellow contestants.  Pictures of the ceremony will be taken – please show everyone your best character!

Good luck to you all!

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Additional notes: Cosplay production notes here

Submit images of your cosplay production if you are competing at the Masters level

Please email with your music or media submissions